Platform Trolley

An efficient aid with exceptional manoeuvrability. Our Platform Trolley with a fixed handle comes standard with a galvanised finish and steel platform capable of handling weights of up to 500 KGs with ease. See the specs. 


Not all castors are made equal, and Lathoko’s selection is top of the ranks. From heavy-duty cast iron to premium vulcanised rubber — trust our castor masters to help find you the right fit. Explore the range online. Explore the range online. 

Lockers and Cabinets

Our double-sided warehouse locker with adjustable shelves offers a full house of features including a hanging rail and secure money box. This lockable two-door cabinet is also powder coated and available in Hammertone Grey or Ivory Karoo. Explore the specs online.

Fiberglass Step Extension Multipurpose Ladder

Flexibility at its finest with our Fiberglass Step Extension Multipurpose Ladder. Choose between an A-frame, double extension, or single ladder configuration. Complete with an extended base for extra stability, rubber non-slip feet and an aluminum lock for when used as an extension ladder. See the full specs online.

Rocker Trolley

Do you stock or manage heavy goods? Lathoko’s Rocker Trolley is equipped to handle a load capacity of up to 700 KGs and has a fully welded frame for maximum strength and longevity. Its robust design and large centre wheels make it manoeuvrable and an ideal general purpose warehouse trolley. Explore it online

Drum Lift Rotator

Ideal for de-palletising, transporting, stacking and tipping drums; Lathoko’s Drum Lift Rotator is designed with a load capacity of 350 KGs and ensures controlled decanting is carried out with ease. Choose from a lift height of 1.4m or 3m. Order yours today! 

Sack Trolley

Streamline your materials handling with the Lathoko Sack Trolley; ideal for transporting heavy sacks and bags from A to B. Designed for a load capacity of up to 200 KGs while supporting the shape, size and weight of the load, with little to no stress on the user. Discover it here.

10 case brewery trolley

Our Ten Case Brewery Trolley is especially crafted for brews on the move. With quality wheels and a load capacity of 250KGs, customers can choose from a powder coat or galvanised finish. The optimal way to lift your spirits. Order yours today!

1.5T manual high lift pallet jack

Lathoko’s 1.5T Manual High Lift Pallet Jack features a total load capacity of 1500 KGs and a lifting height of 800mm; ideal for lifting and returning to an already elevated height. Order yours here.