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We at Lathoko Industrial (PTY) LTD, have always valued confidentiality of our customers’ and suppliers’ personal information and therefore voluntarily introduces measures to ensure this well before the advent of POPIA. Therefore, we will continue to manage your personal information in the same manner in which we have always done.

We do however want to take this opportunity to inform you of our updates privacy policy as well as your rights in terms of POPIA.


This privacy policy is designed to inform users of our website as well as users of our services of the fact that certain information will be processed by us. Our processing of your information is done in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 and is in line with the eight conditions for the lawful processing of your information.

It is the duty of users of our website to ensure that they are aware of this privacy policy and its contents and that they agree therewith.


  1. The Company shall collect, process, and store the personal information of the Customer for the purpose intended, namely the opening of an incidental credit account with the Company and that it shall proceed to act in accordance with the provisions of POPI in collecting, processing, and storing the Customer’s personal information.

  2. During the business relationship between the Customer and the Company, the Customer acknowledges and consents to the processing of the Customer’s personal information for any purpose relating to the administration, management and operations of the Company’s legitimate business purposes or legal obligations by the Company or anyone acting on behalf of the Company.

  3. The Company undertakes not to disclose the Customer’s personal information unless it is legally or contractually required or for its legitimate business purposes. Similarly, the Customer has the corresponding obligation to the Company in this regard.

  4. The Customer acknowledges that the Company will use reasonable efforts in order to ensure that the Customer’s personal information in its possession or processed on its behalf is kept confidential, stored in a secure manner and processed in terms of POPI and for the purposes for which the Company has been authorised. Similarly, the Customer has the corresponding obligation to the Company in this regard.

  5. The Customer declares that all personal information supplied to the Company for the purposes of procurement and related legal and operational reasons is accurate, up to date, is not misleading and that it is complete in all respects. The provision of misleading information by the Customer may lead to termination of the business relationship with the Company. It shall always remain the responsibility of the Customer to immediately advise the Company of any change to its personal information should any of the Customer details change including, but not limited to, a change of ownership or control in the Customer.

  6. The Customer hereby provides its consent to the Company to process its personal information, as provided above, and acknowledges that it understands the purpose for which it is required and for which it will be used.


We may collect different forms of information about you, depending on the purpose of the collection of that information. Such information will sometimes be able to identify you, while other information will not. The following information might be collected from you:

  1. Information provided by you. This information will be your personal details such as your name, phone number, address, email address and other details. This information will be expressly provided by you, whether by filling out a form or submitting an order.

  2. Information from other sources. This information will be provided by other sources, such as other businesses, contractors or other third parties. This might include upgraded details regarding delivery or addresses and purchase history.

  3. Information from this website. This information will be provided to us in the form of “cookies” which you would have accepted upon accessing the website. This information may contain information that could be used to identify you as well as information that may not be able to be used to identify you. The type of information collected would be your IP address, browser type and language, access times, contents of undeleted cookies previously accepted from us and referring website addresses. Your browser may automatically accept these, but you are able to disable these. If disabled, some or all of the functions of our website may not function correctly or be accessible to you.


The use of your information is purely for the purpose for which it is collected. For instance, where we collect information using cookies on our website, this information is used purely to personalize and improve your experience on our website. This information will not be used for any other purposes. If you apply for a credit facility with us, the information submitted for that purpose will be used only for that purpose, for instance to perform credit checks or other verification steps to ensure that you qualify to be granted credit. Once the purpose has been accomplished, the information will be deleted/destroyed.

You are also entitled to request that we amend/delete/destroy your information. In this case, however, you may not be able to use the service/facility after such deletion/destruction.

Reasonable efforts to protect the Customers information will be undertaken by the Company to ensure the Customers personal information in the Company’s possession is secure and confidential. Reasonable steps will be taken by the Company to identify risks and establish safeguard against any such identified risks. In the event of a breach of the confidentiality if the Customers personal information, the Customer will be notified by email within the prescribed timelines and the Company will advise of the nature of the breach and what actions may be taken to protect the Customer’s information.

By using our website or purchasing goods or services from us, you consent to providing us with information necessary for those purposes. You also consent to our sharing of this information with other parties if this is required for the purposes for which you supplied the information to us. You do have the right to object or refuse to provide consent to the processing of your personal information.

If you object or refuse to consent to providing us with information, you may not be able to access our website or make use of our services wholly or in part.