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Heightened Confidence

Lathoko’s Multi-purpose Fibreglass Ladder offers a load capacity of 135 KGs and 3-in-one versatility. Its adaptable design that can convert between an A-frame, double extension, or single ladder configuration to reach a max height of 3.48m. Complete with rubber feet for safety. Find it here.

Tower Power

The Jonno Tower Ladder is a height-adjustable mobile tower ladder with lockable and adjustable castors. Capable of reaching a height of 9 metres; features include two stabilizers, six horizontal braces, two diagonal braces, a ladder clamp, and easy disassembly. See the specs.

Climb and Conquer

Flexibility at its finest with our Fiberglass Step Extension Multipurpose Ladder. Choose between an A-frame, double extension, or single ladder configuration. Complete with an extended base for extra stability, rubber non-slip feet and an aluminum lock for when used as an extension ladder.  See the specs 


Heightened Confidence

Our Fiberglass Multipurpose Ladder is an A-Frame, lean-to, and stage ladder all in one 🪜 Complete with non-slip feet, 3.48m reach, a load capacity of 135KGs and steel locking hinges for added safety. Fold, extend, and adapt. See the range See the specs  


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Assorted Ladders


Lathoko offers an extensive portfolio of ladders for various industries and applications. Designed with safety and durability in mind, you’re always guaranteed non-slip feet, HDPE ladder tops and heavy duty ladder stays when you shop with Lathoko 🪜🙌 See the specs