1.5T manual high lift pallet jack

Lathoko’s 1.5T Manual High Lift Pallet Jack features a total load capacity of 1500 KGs and a lifting height of 800mm; ideal for lifting and returning to an already elevated height. Order yours here.

Jack up your Warehouse

Our 2T Fully Lithium Iron Electric Pallet Jack is designed to accommodate a wide range of warehousing and material handling. Featuring:

✅ A 5yr warranty on the chassis

✅ A load capacity of 2,000KG

✅ Braking capability

✅ Slope, truck tail lift and platform friendly

✅ Up-Right driving

Discover the latest addition to our lifting range today.

Pallet Jacks

The need to safely load and unload pallets in the workplace has been recognised for centuries. Our hand pallet truck suppliers use advanced equipment and manufacturing technology to produce the best in the business. We’re ready to help you with the heavy lifting 🙌 See the specs 


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